Impact Jam One 2015

On Saturday 16 mei 2015 there will be a new edition of the Impactjam on the location of the Wal 28 in Eindhoven.

The underlying reasoning for its existence is to help participants for the upcoming science hack day in Eindhoven ( sciencehackdayeindhoven ) to gain the proper knowledge to create stuff in different area’s in order to create Impact at the hackathon.

That day, many workshops will be given in different shape/forms : there will be video-tutorials where you can ask questions to the workshop leader and interactive sessions.

The event starts that day on 10:00 en goes on until 17:00. There is parking space at the backside of the location ( Wal 28 ) at the paradijslaan ( also have a look here : ). Lunch wil be taken care of and the event is free, but not totally free -> you need to register at Register! and you need to commit on being there since there are only limited spaces available(!) The workshops are bilingual : English and Dutch.

The workshops will be divided over 3 sessions

10:00 – 12:00 Workshop Session 1

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch/Wandelpauze

13:00- 15:00 Workshop Session 2

15:00 – 17:00 Workshop Session 3

Depending on the number of registrations, we will form groups per subject on the day itself.

In order to participate, you need a LAPTOP and a headset! A core 2 duo with 4GB memory is at least needed to work with most workshops. So bring your laptop!!!!! At 040-makelab there is a limited amount of laptops available, so if you want to make use of those, you can send an email to

The workshops that will be given are :

1. Virtual Reality.  Always wanted to play with an oculus rift? Always wanted to know how to build an app for it?Now you can! You will learn in simpel steps howto create a Virtual Reality app with an Oculus Rift
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this : Unreal Engine 4

2. Augmented Reality. How are these wonderful Augmented Reality Apps made? In this workshop you make them yourself using simpel techniques.
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this : Unity 5 ( )

3. Modelling.  In order to create content for 3D game-engines ( Like unity and Unreal Engine ) and 3D printers, you need knowledge on how to build your own objects in 3D. This workshop will teach you all there is to know about it in order to create simpel objects in 3D.
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this : Blender (  )

4. 3D printing. 3D printing is a hot item these days : it enables you to completely go wild in creating something 3D and 3D printing it in the comfort of your own home. This workshop will teach you the simple tools you need in order to create 3D printable content and the process of the actual printing.
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this :123D Design ( ) & Meshmixer ( )

5. Arduino. Arduino is the electronics experimental platform of this age. You will learn how to create simpele electronic networks ( in simulation ) .
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this : A browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari
Arduino IDE ( )

6. Data Visualisation. These days massive amounts of (open) data are present and if you want to know what the best way is to gain insight into this data and what tools are available in order to properly visualise it , this workshop is the one you need to be at! You will get a quick overview of possibilities with tools like D3, Leaflet, Gephi and Processing.
Duration :  1-2 hours
You need to install this : A browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari

7. WordPress/Presentation building/Pitches. In this workshop you will learn howto create a simple wordpress website, how you can deliver a steller slideshow to convince juries about your idea and how to present your idea in a pitch
Duration : 1-2 hours
You need to install this : A browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari